Game Recap: Improving the Fan’s Fantasy

Fantasy Sports has been one of the most popular fan involvements in the NFL community since the mid 2000s. Fantasy Sports is an interactive virtual competition in which people manage professional football players and allows fans to act as owners of a professional sports team. For football, fans usually draft players in the National Football League to manage their own pseudo-football team. People are able to draft, trade, add/drop players, and change roster to accumulate most points for the week.

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Fumbling Through The Media. Recovery.

As I mentioned last week, the National Football League had set some strict regulations on social media. In addition to that, some of the teams set even stricter restrictions on social media, limiting athletes’ social media usage, such as prohibiting social media updates during preseason training camps and daily practices during the regular season. However, after a couple years of cutback in social media interaction, the NFL community came up with a brilliant new method to keep the fans involved through the social media.

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Defense: Social Media Conflicts with the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) has had a love-hate relationship with social media. According to my blog posts in the past, it seems like the NFL can only benefit from the social media. Though it has significantly improved the interaction within the NFL community, soaring popularity of social media forced the NFL to set some restrictions on social media, such as banning twitter for the game. Continue reading

Fourth & Inches: Fans’ Last Push to Save the NFL

The usual off-season headlines of NFL community are trades, draft, free agents, and injury reports. The National Football League took unusual paths past two off-seasons, creating Players lockout in 2011 and Referees lockouts in 2012. These unusual events had concerned millions of NFL fans in the past. Thanks to players and fans’ active interaction through Social Media, those dilemmas now belong to our past.

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Third Down: Smart Phone Effect in NFL Community

Social media’s number one contributor has always been its users, us. The close second, in my opinion, is the Smart Phone. This magical device is a cellular phone built with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a regular cellphone. By the end of 2011 calendar year, there were 91.4 million Smart phones in the United States alone. With Smart phone applications that allow easier access to Social Media, both smart phone and social media market has shown unbelievable success.

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Second Down: Play Calls on Social Media

Social media has allowed the athletes to voice their thoughts at whole another level. Back in the days, not even five years ago, the only mode of communication between the players and the fans was via pre/post game conference or visits to training camps. With various social media available today, NFL players are able to share their interesting events, physical conditions, opinions about current events, vacation pictures, etc.

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